Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Mapping the City @ Somerset House London

I had the chance to visit 'Mapping the City'. An exhibition that takes place in Somerset House London. Featuring 50 selected graffiti and street artists from all over the world and works related to the city and the streets through the artists' eyes. The exhibition is organized by Approved by Pablo

Reflection in Ekta's piece

108 (IT)

Erosie (NE)

Husk Mit Navn (DE)

Petro (UK)

Nano4814 (ES)

Swoon (US)

Cleon Peterson (US)

Martin Tibabuzo (AR)

Egs (FI)

Spok (ES)

Horfe (FR)

Honet (FR)


Horfe (FR)

Filippo Minelli (IT)

Add caption

Aryz (ES)

More information and details about related events here: Mapping the City

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