Tuesday, 26 August 2014

"Ceci n'est pas graffiti"

By exploring the nature of "Hangffiti" I realised that it is nothing but the image of graffiti. Therefore, influenced by Magritte, I painted a piece of graffiti on a cardboard by using basic elements such as the arrows, overlapping and connected lines and a highlight.

René Magritte painted the famous "This is not a pipe" painting in 1928, stating that the            image of an object as well as the word that describes an object can never be the object itself.

    "Ceci n ' est pas graffiti" Emulsion paint and markers on found cardboard, 145cm x 140 cm,Greece, 2014.

Monday, 25 August 2014


 The economic crisis lead to the closing down of many local shops. As a consequence new spots appeared,    waiting patiently to welcome tags,throw-ups,posters,stickers and any other intervention. Some of these        spots cannot be actually painted so other ways of placing artwork there have to be discovered.                Therefore, I decided to paint a throw-up on cardboard then cut it out and hang it on a highly visible spot that I wouldn't have the ability to paint on. This is the beginning of  "Hangffiti". 

    "Hangffiti", Emulsion paint on found cardboard, 85cm x 240 cm, Greece,2014.