Thursday, 26 June 2014

"Twentees" Exhibition in Bari , Italy

20 Artists 
20 Hand-painted -shirts
The exhibition was open from 16 to 18 of May 2014 

Participating artists:

BILOS (Patras, Greece)/BATHS (Brisbane, Australia)/ESPIR (chicago, USA)/DEM (Piacenza, Italy)/BOLLY BOILER (Bari, Italy)/KREK (Manchester, UK)/FORMULA 76 (Hamburg, Germany)/GIOSE (Bari, Italy)/AMELIA CHIECO (Bari, Italy)/STEPAN HANDZHA (Ternopil, Ukraine)/MONOMAKE (Bari, Italy)/DIAS (Milan, Italy)/GISO (Barcelona, Spain)/MOSHE (Bari, Italy)/HULK (Bari, Italy)/FRANCESCO BARBIERI (Pisa, Italy)/MEST MOVE (Bari, Italy)/LAUDA (Milan, Italy)/PCOT (Bari, Italy)/OLIFANZ (Italy)

Francesco Passaquindici
Curatore Associato
Giuseppe Odd Santoro

Odd Episodes studio collective (
Jidder books and zines

All pictures taken from

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Aies exchange graffstallation piece.

 Plastic garbage bags used instead of paint. Markers, spray paint and other found objects were the applied on the wall and placed in the room to create a hybrid graffiti/installation piece. This piece goes to Aies and Palo from Finland as my part of our exchange.