Thursday, 18 December 2014

Street Stories

"Street stories" An ongoing project focusing on the transformation of the city's skin. Based on     documentation through photographs I shot on film in the early 00's around the streets of my hometown Patras, Greece.

    Lifo-Kota/Udk-Skb (by Lune) (2002)

    Nuc - Buddha (2000)

    Ester-PNT (2002)

    TBD Crew (2002)

    Kume (2002)

    Tas/SFW  (2000)

    Loky (2002)

    TL by Tournesol/ DHA (2001)

    TL by Tournesol / DHA (2001)

    "O Λέτσος και ο Κωστέτσος" by Epik/TBD for Group 173 during Patra's Carnival (2001)

    Epik-Skelton-Berit-Oxo (2001-2002)

Nuc (2000)

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