Saturday, 25 October 2014

Art In My Mouth 2 @Stew Gallery , Norwich, UK

    Get One and Liam Clark

    detail from Liam Clark's work


    Cote Escriva (ES)


    Zhion (DE)

    Pure Evil

    Live painting from the artists

    David Shillinglaw

    Live painting 

    Moosey Art

   "Art In My Mouth 2" is an ongoing exhibition curated by Moosey Art at Stew Gallery , Norwich.
    Featuring canvases, prints and posters from well known artists from the local graffiti and street-art     scene and not only, such as The Toasters, Dave The Chimp, David Shillinglaw, All Type No Face,     Arrex, Mr Skribs, Nopen, Boxhead and many more.

    The exhibition will be open until the 30th of October.

    Be sure to check out:

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