Thursday, 26 June 2014

"Twentees" Exhibition in Bari , Italy

20 Artists 
20 Hand-painted -shirts
The exhibition was open from 16 to 18 of May 2014 

Participating artists:

BILOS (Patras, Greece)/BATHS (Brisbane, Australia)/ESPIR (chicago, USA)/DEM (Piacenza, Italy)/BOLLY BOILER (Bari, Italy)/KREK (Manchester, UK)/FORMULA 76 (Hamburg, Germany)/GIOSE (Bari, Italy)/AMELIA CHIECO (Bari, Italy)/STEPAN HANDZHA (Ternopil, Ukraine)/MONOMAKE (Bari, Italy)/DIAS (Milan, Italy)/GISO (Barcelona, Spain)/MOSHE (Bari, Italy)/HULK (Bari, Italy)/FRANCESCO BARBIERI (Pisa, Italy)/MEST MOVE (Bari, Italy)/LAUDA (Milan, Italy)/PCOT (Bari, Italy)/OLIFANZ (Italy)

Francesco Passaquindici
Curatore Associato
Giuseppe Odd Santoro

Odd Episodes studio collective (
Jidder books and zines

All pictures taken from

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